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History & Goals

The NNLEI Interest Group was approved by the CATESOL Board in December, 1999. The NNLEI IG responds to the concerns of more than 80 CATESOL members who attended a colloquium titled “Overcoming the Barriers Faced by Nonnative English-speaking Teachers” during the 1998 CATESOL Conference in Pasadena. A frank and lively discussion during the colloquium led several CATESOL members to push for the formation of the new IG.

Approximately 25 CATESOL members attended the first NNLEI Business Meeting held at the CATESOL Conference in Sacramento in April, 2000. The group decided to create a listserv to facilitate communication among IG members. The group also decided to create its own Web site. Furthermore, at the meeting, members of the IG agreed to organize conference presentations and rap sessions. Finally, during the meeting, LĂ­a Kamhi-Stein, a member of the IG, announced that the theme section of the 2001 issue of The CATESOL Journal would be devoted to various aspects of the topic of nonnative language educators.

NNLEI-IG’s general goals are:

  • To address issues related to the training and development of nonnative language educators and teachers-in-preparation in California and Nevada
  • To encourage research, publications, and presentations on the role of nonnative language educators and teachers-in-preparation in California and Nevada; and
  • To encourage the formal and informal gatherings of nonnative language educators at regional and statewide conferences.
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