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Welcome and update

May 26, 2010

(From Li-fen Lin)

It is a great honor and privilege to serve you as IG Coordinator 2010-2011. As I take on the IG organizational responsibilities from Cassia De Abreu at the State Conference in Santa Clara, I have been thinking how to keep our IG alive and lively and what we can do to meet your needs. I understand the task is huge, but I know I will have the support from our leadership team and I will be working with all of you who will contact us with your suggestions and ideas and offer to help. I am certain together we can bring new enthusiasm to our IG.

Before I move on to introduce our webmaster 2010-2011 and myself (for those who were not able to join our IG business meeting at the State Conference), I would like to thank Cassia De Abreu for her past two years’ service and for organizing the colloquium and business meeting this year; Terry Doyle for his ongoing support for and participation in the IG.

Li-Fen Lin, IG Coordinator 2010-2011:
Li-Fen is a Ph. D. candidate in the Linguistics Department at the University of California, Davis. She holds an MA in TESOL from the University of Southern California. She is currently working on her dissertation research on NNES and NES MATESOL students’ teacher identity construction in CA. She has presented her research on classroom discourse analysis and ESL teacher identity construction at conferences such as AAAL, CATESOL, and TESOL conventions. Her research interests arose during her decade of teaching experience at primary, secondary and tertiary level in both ESL and EFL contexts. Li-Fen also serves as the Webmanager for the NNEST IS since 2009.

Clarissa C. S. Ryan, IG webmaster 2010-2011:
Clarissa received her TESOL certificate and MATESOL at CSU East Bay in Hayward, CA. While in graduate school, Clarissa enjoyed working with her international classmates and became interested in topics such as World Englishes, differences between the treatment of so-called native-speaker and non-native speaker teachers, and the experiences of international graduate students. She has studied Mandarin Chinese and Japanese because she believes that English teachers should be multilingual. Clarissa now works for herself as a one-on-one language instructor, mostly for Japanese adults. She also writes two blogs: (for English teachers/grad students/etc.) and (for intermediate English learners). Her TESOL-related Twitter account is @talkclouds.

Now let me report some IG update after the Conference in April:

Our current list is at Because of the change, I haven’t been able to add those who gave me their email addresses to the list manually. The list is free and open to anyone. The method for subscribing to our IG list is to send a blank email to and the command must be sent from the email address that will be/is used on the list.

Besides welcoming you to our list, I’d also like to invite you to get involved in the action of shared leadership and collaboration. I believe that active participation can lead to the changes we wish to see and that can only be reached with your participation.

There are various ways to get involved. Conference presentations are a great way to connect with like-minded colleagues and to attract new members. Make time at the conferences to attend IG rap sessions and the annual business meeting. You can also tell us the kinds of NNLEI-related presentations you would like to see and we may be able to recruit presenters. Writing a short NNLEI-related article for the CATESOL News is another way to contribute and get our voices heard. You can use the listserv to brainstorm ideas. Your professional experience, conference presentations or a teaching method you employed in class can all be interesting topics. Please use the listserv to share resources and ask questions. After we finish the construction of our new IG site, we will also have a new channel for discussion and information sharing.

Thanks for reading the long message. I look forward to your participation and a great year for all of us.

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